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BixBite Restaurant Meaning of the Name

BixBite: The Red Emerald

BixBite has only been found in the United States. Benitoite had claimed the title of rarest gem stone on earth until the Jewelers Association gave BixBite that honor in 2006. As it is a rarity, BixBite is still unknown to many people.

BixBite, also known as red beryl or red emerald, is found only in the Wah Wah Mountains and the Thomas Mountains of Utah. One estimate suggests that for every faceted BixBite gem, there are 150,000 diamonds, 12,000 emeralds, and 9,000 rubies.

BixBite was named after Utah's Maynard Bixby, a mineral collector.

It is a member of the beryl gem stone family that includes the blue/green aquamarine, pink morganite, yellow/orange heliodor, green emerald, and colorless goshenite.

The red color of BixBite is derived from manganese. The color of BixBite gem stones varies from orange/red to red to purple/red. The most desirable color is a deep, clear pink. Many people want and hunt for BixBite gems over one carat in size, but they are unlikely to find one that large. The largest faceted BixBite gem stone is less than three carats, making gem-quality BixBite extremely rare and expensive.

People in Madagascar thought they had found BixBite, but it turned out to be pezzottaite, which is similar in appearance, but its crystals grow in a different formation. Pezzottaite is rare, but not as rare as BixBite. Pezzottaite has also been found in Afghanistan. Gem stones that are listed as new red beryl in any publications are actually referring to pezzottaite.

The astrological signs for BixBite are Taurus and Aries.

BixBite has been said to have the "powers" to overcome one's grief and depression, to help a person feel more energetic and creative, and to stimulate one's awareness. It has also been said to aid in relationships, giving compatibility and harmony. If you have health issues with your digestive system, heart, or lungs, the BixBite gem stone might be beneficial to you. It has been suggested that BixBite helps heal those affected areas of the body.